‘Party of Child Abuse’: Biden Pushes Unlimited Amputations for Kids

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Joe Biden long has claimed as one of his ideals a society that provides transgender drugs, chemicals, and surgery even for children.

He emphasized that in a weekend interview, and those comments have earned him a blast from a member of Congress for making his party, the Democrats, the “party of child abuse.”

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The Daily Mail reports the blast was from Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga.

“Joe Biden thinks it’s wrong to stop the profit-driven medical industry from cutting breasts off 15 yr old girls and castrating teen boys before they are old enough to legally get a tattoo or vote,” she said on social media. “Democrats are the party of child abuse.”

Responding to a question from the social media “influencer” during an interview over the weekend, Biden insisted that nowhere should be allowed to restrict transgender treatments.

In fact, Alabama, Arkansas, Texas, and Arizona all have adopted laws or policies that limit what doctors can do to children who have gender dysphoria, a condition that often simply resolves itself as a child matures.

“I mean, no state should be able to do that, in my view. So I feel very, very strongly that you should have every single solitary right including use of your gender-identity bathrooms in public,” Biden said.

The issue has created controversy across America under Biden’s advocacy for, besides the physical injury to patients,  allowing males into locker rooms and showers reserved for girls and women, and installing muscular males on sports teams for women.

Biden, in his interview with a transgender influencer who appears on the social media program TikTok, said that states should not be allowed to regulate “any health care” that involves a person who has adopted the transgender ideology and says he or she is becoming the opposite sex.

Following science, that is impossible, as being male or female is embedded in the human body down to the DNA level. Men can dress up as women, and can surgically alter their bodies to look more like women, but they do not change sex.

Biden lashed out at states where administrations are Republican for those laws that limit chemicals and drugs that are used to prevent normal development by adolescents as well as surgeries that can mutilate their bodies and leave them permanently sterile.

Biden told interviewer Dylan Mulvaney that it’s “wrong” as a “moral question and as a legal question” for states to limit those extreme treatments for what leftists call “gender-affirming” care.

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