Parscale cites ‘overwhelming stress’ in announcing departure from Trump campaign

News broke last week that Brad Parscale, the former campaign manager for President Donald Trump’s re-election bid, had been involuntarily committed for evaluation after allegedly threatening to harm himself.

While he remained with the campaign after a demotion earlier this year, he recently confirmed that he would be exiting the Trump team altogether to focus on his family, as reported by the Washington Examiner.

“Let it be clear”

After initially serving in a behind-the-scenes role as a digital consultant, he was thrust into the spotlight and became a prominent figure within Trump’s inner circle.

Parscale received widespread negative attention from Trump critics and lost his lofty title after a disappointing attendance at Trump’s rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in June.

While the most recent situation was ultimately resolved without injury, it appears to reflect the toll of mounting pressures in the leadup to Election Day.

Parscale’s wife, Candice, reportedly claimed that he was armed, though she later asserted that her earlier statements had been “misconstrued” and that he had not been physically abusive toward her.

“The statements I made on Sunday have been misconstrued, let it be clear my husband was not violent towards me that day or any day prior,” she said.

“Dealing with the overwhelming stress”

The couple also released a joint statement stressing that they were eager to see all the facts presented. In the meantime, Parscale said he is removing himself from the campaign, as reported by Politico.

“I am stepping away from my company and any role in the campaign for the immediate future to focus on my family and get help dealing with the overwhelming stress,” he said.

Subsequent updates include one report that indicates Parscale is under investigation for stealing as much as $40 million from the Trump campaign and another $10 million from the Republican National Committee.

“The thing about what Parscale did with the finances of the campaign could actually be totally legal,” one insider claimed. “But Brad has tons of bills since his lifestyle picked up, and he sees the gravy train coming to an end.”

Whatever issues he is facing in his personal life, Americans of all political stripes should join in wishing him and his family a full recovery.

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