Two children left dead after parolee steals, crashes police SUV: Report

There is nothing more heart-shattering for a parent than burying a child — but it’s even worse when the death comes from something as senseless as this.

After allegedly stabbing his father, Raymond Walters, Jr. stole the responding officer’s SUV and crashed it into several cars, leaving two children dead and several others injured, One America News Network reports.

Violent Crash Kills Two Children

According to reports, Walters Jr. has a long and violent criminal history. On Monday, he brought that violence into his own home and attacked his father.

The local police chief said Walters Jr.’s father was trying to take his son to the hospital for mental health issues when he freaked out and stabbed his father in an attempt to escape. After stabbing his father, Walters Jr. fled the scene in his pickup and was eventually pursued by local law enforcement.

During that pursuit, Walters Jr. crashed his truck into a tree.

As the responding officer was coming around the vehicle to see if Walters Jr. was okay, the parolee slipped out of the truck and stole the officer’s SUV.

While traveling at close to 100 mph, Walters Jr. crashed the SUV into several cars, which had children as passengers.

According to reports, at least 11 people had to be removed from the vehicles, including seven children.

Career Criminal

There is nothing about Walters Jr. that should offer him any type of leniency when this case goes before a judge and jury.

He was on parole for robbery at the time of the alleged stabbing and has a considerable criminal record.

He had only been let out of prison earlier this month, and local authorities stated he may have been using drugs at the time of the stabbing and accident.

Walters Jr. is now in custody, and local prosecutors are discussing the case with detectives in the hopes of presenting murder charges against him in addition to any other charges he may face as a result of this incident.

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