Parody song skewers Biden’s tenure in White House

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

One listener called it an “instant Christmas hit,” and it’s a parody delivered to America this Christmas season by the satire site The Babylon Bee and it’s called “Biden Did You Know?”

The tune is the famed “Mary Did You Know?” by the great gospel singer Mark Lowry but the words pointedly mock the “accomplishments” of Biden during his term in the White House.

And it ends with a stunningly sober reminder that could be viewed as for all Americans, not just the leftists pursuing transgenderism, abortion, huge debt, inflation, and open borders who work in the Oval Office.

See it:

The lyrics:

Biden, did you know that your policies would drive us underwater?
Biden, did you know that your policies would trans our sons and daughters?
Did you know that your policies will punish what is true?
The church that you subscribe to, does not subscribe to you.
Biden, did you know that your baby boy made shady deals in Ukraine?
Biden, did you know that your baby boy loves Parmesan and cocaine?
Did you know that you shouldn’t touch these women like you do?
When you sniff that little girl’s hair, it’s borderline #metoo
The wall will cease The debt increase And the dead will vote again
The crime will leap The dumb will speak While we say, “C’mon man!”
Biden, did you know that your policies would bring about inflation?
Biden, did you know that your policies would one day ruin the nation?
Did you know that your policies make Herod’s reign seem bland

And the stunner ending?

“One day you’ll have to answer to the great I Am”

Commenters online abounded, with thousands joining the conversation.

One said, “That ending…woah. Unexpected and legitimately chilling. Also, I’m uncomfortable with how excellent this is.”

“I’m not even conservative and I enjoyed this!” said another.

Christian apologist Eric Metaxas comments at the end of the video.

The Gateway Pundit called it a “MUST WATCH” and cited the Babylon Bee as it “SCORCHES” Biden.

“Conservatives across America have for two years righteously expressed anger at the Regime’s disastrous policies destroying our country. The Babylon Bee, though, reminds us sometimes a different approach other than anger can prove equally effective,” the report said.

“Videos like this prove why the Babylon Bee is so effective and influential in political circles. Twitter’s old regime recognized this eventually and banned them before Elon Musk brought the Bee back. In fact, the Bee’s banning proved the impetus for Musk’s acquisition of the social media network in the first place,” the report said.

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