Parkland student turns on McCain, asks about NRA contributions

John McCain is in the battle of his life, but somehow he has found the time to throw some insults at the new breed of conservatives. His covert actions, though, are now coming back to haunt him.

After touting #RioReimagined, David Hogg, the Parkland student who has become a gun control activist, challenged McCain, asking one simple question: “Why do you take so much money from the NRA?”

Sudden Celebrity

David Hogg, after making numerous appearances on mainstream media outlets after the Parkland shooting, has found himself as somewhat of a celebrity.

With his newfound voice, he has chosen to go after the NRA with both barrels, so to speak.

John McCain is reportedly the number one recipient of NRA donations, so he is obviously at the top of the list for the new teen-led anti-NRA movement.

The Battle

As usual, we are seeing people go after the tool rather than the culprit.

These very teens have categorized themselves as the mass-shooting generation.

There is clearly a problem that needs to be addressed, but everyone keeps looking at the weapon rather than the person.

While it is great to see the younger generation become politically involved, it is sad that they are buying into the liberal narrative rather than actually looking deeper inside their own generation to figure what the problem is.

Let’s Refocus

Is it a coincidence today that children face no real challenges until they get into high school?

Could it be children grow up for their first 12 years with zero social skills because they have their heads buried in video games, their smartphones, or computers?

Is there a breaking point when they are faced with hardship for the first time that they snap?

John McCain has decided to put himself on the outside of this new movement among conservatives that are simply fed up with business as usual in Washington, something McCain has been a part of for decades.

Now, even those he is hoping to gain traction with can see through his charade and are challenging him.

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McCain was literally just beaten down by a teenager calling him out for saying one thing, but doing the complete opposite in the shadows.

The only question that remains is that if this teenager can see it, why can’t the rest of conservative Americans?

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