Parkinson's Specialist Logs 10 Visits To White House: Report

 July 9, 2024

Multiple visits by a renowned neurologist to the White House have ignited speculation over the President's health, The Washington Times reported.

Dr. Kevin R. Cannard's frequent White House appointments since November 2022 have raised eyebrows about President Biden's health amid the 2024 presidential race.

Dr. Kevin R. Cannard, a noted Parkinson’s disease specialist associated with Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, began his series of visits to the White House Medical Unit on November 15, 2022. His role and expertise have led to discussions regarding the purpose of these visits, given their frequency and timing.

Records reveal that Dr. Cannard met with Dr. Joshua Simmons, an emergency medicine specialist, during his first visit. This initial consultation sets the stage for the subsequent appointments, although the exact details of these meetings remain undisclosed in the logs.

Throughout his visits, Dr. Cannard also engaged with Megan Nasworthy, a medical liaison coordinating between the White House and Walter Reed. These interactions underscore the collaborative nature of the medical oversight provided at the highest level of government.

White House Medical Visits Shrouded in Privacy

By January 17, Dr. Cannard had met with Dr. Kevin O’Connor, the White House physician, marking a significant point in his series of visits. This meeting highlighted the involvement of high-ranking medical professionals directly linked to the President’s care, though the specifics are still not public.

The White House, represented by Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, has been very protective of the details surrounding these visits. Emphasizing the privacy of medical records, Jean-Pierre has declined to confirm the identities or the specialties of the medical personnel involved.

“I am not going to confirm a name. That is not something I am going to do,” Jean-Pierre stated, reinforcing the administration's stance on maintaining confidentiality regarding the President's health-related visits.

Speculations Arise Amid Presidential Health Concerns

The repeated visits by a Parkinson’s specialist have naturally led to public speculation. This is compounded by the pressures of the upcoming presidential election, where President Biden's health is of significant interest to voters and analysts alike.

Jean-Pierre further explained the routine involvement of neurologists in the President’s medical examinations. “Every year that he has had this exam he sees a neurologist. That’s three times, right? So I am telling you that he has seen a neurologist three times while he has been in this presidency,” she elaborated.

This statement is part of a broader attempt to address public curiosity and concerns about the President's capability to fulfill the demands of his office as he seeks re-election.

Confidentiality and Transparency in Presidential Health

The White House's approach to disclosing health-related information remains cautious. “There are thousands of military people who could receive medical care through the White House medical unit,” Jean-Pierre commented, highlighting the broad scope of medical services at the White House and the importance of confidentiality.

Despite this, the interest in the specifics of these medical visits continues to grow, both in the media and among the public. The administration's policy of non-disclosure has not quelled the thirst for more detailed information.

As the last recorded visit of Dr. Cannard was on March 28, according to the latest update of the visitor logs on July 1, the narrative of these consultations remains partially obscured by the absence of detailed public records.

The implications of these medical visits extend beyond immediate health concerns to encompass the overall transparency and public trust in the administration's handling of sensitive information. The lack of explicit details fuels ongoing speculation and dialogue regarding the intersection of health and politics at the highest level.


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