Parents sue to block schools from secretly ‘transitioning’ kids

Parental-rights groups allege in a lawsuit that a Wisconsin school district is training teachers to affirm “gender transitioning” without parental notification or consent. This plan includes the following questionnaire:

The group Parents Protecting Our Children has obtained the services of the non-profits America First Legal and Wisconsin Institute of Law and Liberty in the complaint against the Eau Claire Area School District.

The district has formed a “Gender Identity Policy” that includes training teachers to call children they deem to be confused about their gender by a different name and allow them to use facilities designated for the opposite sex, the lawsuit states.

The district, the complaint further claims, has made it clear to teachers that “parents are not entitled to know their kids’ identities. That knowledge must be earned.”

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A “Facilitator’s Guide” for the trainers of teachers states some parents are engaging in the “weaponization of religion against queer people” and teachers “must not act as stand-ins for oppressive ideas/behaviors/attitudes, even and especially if that oppression is coming from parents.”

The complaint cites a facilitator, Christopher Jorgenson, stating parents who object to a child’s “gender transitioning” essentially are rejecting the child.

“We understand and acknowledge that teachers are often put in terrible positions caught between parents and their students,” Jorgenson said. “But much like we wouldn’t act as stand-ins for abuse in other circumstances, we cannot let parents’ rejection of their children guide teachers’ reactions and actions and advocacy for our students.”

A teacher at North High School in Eau Claire displayed a poster in class stating: “If Your Parents Aren’t Accepting of Your Identity, I’m Your Mom Now #freemomhugs.”

The lawsuit contends the district’s program and actions violate the federal and state constitutional rights of parents.

“That a school district would have the audacity to hide sensitive physical and emotional information about students from their parents shocks the conscience,” American First Legal said in a statement.

“Parents do not relinquish their constitutional rights when their children enter the doors of their public school. Instead, all parents have and retain the fundamental right to care for their children, to raise them according to their family faith and values, and to be notified before a school begins psychological or psychiatric testing, indoctrination, and treatment of their children.”

America First Legal President Stephen Miller said Wisconsin public schools are engaged in “the malicious sexual exploitation of minor children.”

“Ultimately, these children are placed on a path that could lead to chemical and surgical disfigurement and sterilization,” he said. “This revolutionary crusade to remake and reshape our children — and to deny the physical and actual truth of their existence as boys and girls — must be extricated root and branch from our schools.”

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