Paper from ‘I am science’ Fauci makes stunning vax admission

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Dr. Anthony Fauci ended up looking arrogant and narcissistic when he was making demands that Americans wear COVID masks, and take experimental shots, and such during the pandemic.

After all, he had the nerve to solemnly announced, “I am science.”

It was just as he was leaving his highly-paid government post that reports started appearing about “dirt” on him.

That came as members of Congress pointedly said he’d be needing to answer their questions.

Now a report from Just the News makes Fauci look even worse.

It cited a paper produced by the government, including Fauci, that suggested federal health officials “knew COVID vaccines were doomed from the start.”

“Decidedly suboptimal,” was the conclusion.

The report explained, “Anthony Fauci knows why COVID-19 vaccines have been so unreliable at halting infection and transmission beyond a few months. He waited until he stepped down as director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases to publicly explain it.”

The medical journal Cell Host and Microbe has published a “perspective” led by Fauci’s office in the government showing NIAID had “good reason” to think the experimental shots “would fail.”

The conclusion was based, the report said, “on research spanning Fauci’s 38-year tenure leading NIAID.”

It’s because the mRNA shots were based on the concept of systemic immunity when what likely would have been much for effective was mucosal immunity.

“Critics of U.S. policy, including law professor Todd Zywicki, who secured a vaccine mandate exemption after suing George Mason University, have long emphasized that mucosal immunity — naturally prompted by infection — is the key to broad protection against COVID.”

In the Just the News report, Zywicki wrote, “I still run into people — even law professors who publish articles on COVID vaccines — who still know nothing about mucosal immunity.”

He noted a study published in The Lancet in November confirmed natural infection was a far better protection than the Pfizer or Moderna shots.

Zywicki has been active in the campaign to provide accurate information about COVID, sharing his research on natural immunity, and filing briefs in court cases challenging the COVID shot mandates.

Just the News noted, “The NIAID paper affirms the importance of mucosal immunity while laying out the historic challenges to developing such vaccines and suggestions for next-generation vaccines. If written by anyone other than federal public health officials, the paper could credibly trigger ‘misinformation’ interventions by Big Tech, though Twitter actually did throttle a CDC-authored paper on plunging vaccine efficacy.”

The report noted COVID-19 is a virus that reproduces “in the human respiratory mucosa without infecting systemically.”

It, and other similar threats, “have not to date been effectively controlled by licensed or experimental vaccines.”

The paper continued, “It is increasingly accepted that route of vaccine administration (e.g., intramuscular, intranasal, conjunctival, or aerosol routes) is a key determinant of mucosal respiratory response. In general, and when feasible, mucosal immunization seems the optimal approach for respiratory viruses.”

The “belated” confirmation triggered outrage, with Kevin McKernan, a popular target during the pandemic for sanctions over his comments on Twitter, saying, “Fauci facing the music on Intramuscular [sic] injections don’t provide mucosal immunity.”

The report noted the paper was published with no evidence of peer review, raising the possibility “that authors Fauci, his senior scientific adviser David Morens, and Viral Pathogenesis and Evolution Section Chief Jeffery Taubenberger could time the submission so its publication wouldn’t cause problems for the then-NIAID leader.”

The report on “dirt” on Fauci noted that the person at NIH who is supposed to make sure he behaves ethically is his wife.

And that report noted that “gain-of-function” research is “just another way of saying ‘bioweapon,'” and that Fauci authored a 2012 paper promoting that very research.

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