Even amid the pandemic, money is pouring in for Trump’s re-election campaign: Report

Fundraising for a political campaign is never easy, let alone in the midst of the public health crisis — but pandemic or not, it seems as though President Donald Trump’s supporters are doing their part.

According to The Hill, two pro-Trump organizations have announced that they raised a combined $16.8 million last month toward the president’s re-election. 

Pandemic politics

The Hill reported Tuesday that “America First Policies and its affiliated super PAC, America First Action, raised the nearly $17 million” in April. The news comes by way of the super PAC’s communications director, Kelly Sadler, The Hill noted.

As staggering as these figures are, however, they’re just part of the Trump re-election campaign’s massive war chest.

The Hill reported that Trump and the Republican National Committee (RNC) raised a combined total of nearly $62 million in April “and have more than $255 million in cash on hand.”

Indeed, with more than 30 million out of work, it seems Americans are still finding a way to cut checks for Trump’s re-election campaign.

What about Joe?

Meanwhile, Joe Biden, the Democrats’ presumptive presidential nominee, is still raising money, too — but his numbers are not nearly as good as Trump’s.

As Sadler noted Tuesday, one of Biden’s bigger PACs, Priorities USA, raised $7.6 million in April, with $8.2 million in commitments set to come in. Still, the former vice president does not have the cash on hand that Trump has.

Biden’s campaign is more or less living month-to-month, and it almost ran out of money before the South Carolina primary.

Just how much Biden’s campaign has in the bank is not known right now, but it is a fairly safe assumption it pales in comparison to Trump’s. And the former VP’s misleading campaign ads — which have been called out by the likes of FactCheck.org and even The Washington Post — don’t seem to be helping matters.

Only time will tell if Biden can gain enough traction to put up a fair fight against Trump this November — but as things stand, it looks like Democrats have their work cut out for them.

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