Pandemic mandates suddenly disappearing across the US ahead of November midterms

Just a few short months ago, the mainstream media was in full panic mode over the omicron variant of COVID-19, which led to a new round of mask mandates and other restrictions not unlike the nation experienced during the original outbreak.

However, the pandemic has seemingly all but vanished, as states and cities around the country continue to drop existing mandates for both masks and vaccines, including Los Angeles County, where residents no longer have to don a mask to go out to eat or workout, according to Fox News

The news of LA’s relaxed guidance comes as a shock to many, as it was one of the strictest counties in the nation as far as masks are concerned. By the day, it seems, more localities are following suit.

Many on the right believe that the timing is too convenient, and have suggested that Democrats have received the message from voters that they’re sick and tired of the rules, therefore suddenly saying the “science” says we can go back to normal, conveniently before the 2022 midterms.

Too convenient

One of the most prominent and obvious examples of what’s hilarious been described as the “midterm variant” was the sudden dropping of mask mandates at the Capitol complex barely 48 hours before President Joe Biden gave his first State of the Union address.

Another Twitter user wrote: “Masks are so effective the geriatrics in Congress made them optional the week of the state of the union. I’m sure there was nothing theatric about the timing of that decision.”

It was last week that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) significantly loosened masking guidance, with 93% of the nation now being in low or medium risk areas where masking is no longer required, only optional now.

While masking guidance was rolled back across the country, many are still upset over the fact that the rules were not relaxed for public transportation. That mandate is set to expire on March 18, though it could be extended.

Polling influence

With President Biden’s polling on his response to the pandemic in the tank ahead of the upcoming midterm elections, it’s certainly not a stretch to presume that Democratic city and state leaders decided to drop the strict requirements, as Americans have overwhelmingly indicated they’re frustrated with the confusing, seemingly perpetual rules.

It’s also not a stretch to presume that by the time summer rolls around, one will likely be hard-pressed to find any masking mandates in place anywhere in the nation.

While Democrats are probably hoping voters forget what they did to us — and our children — for the past two years, the damage has already been done, and voters from all parties will likely take their handling of the pandemic into account when it comes time to head to the voting booth.

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