Sarah Palin is planning on leaving Alaska in life-changing shift

Sarah Palin’s life is about to change pretty dramatically.

After being tied to Alaska because of their children, the Palins are “ready to do a lot more.”

Time to Get Out

Palin first splashed on to the national political scene when she was added to the late John McCain’s presidential ticket in 2008.

At the time, she was considered an up-and-coming personality in the GOP.

McCain had a bit of a stiff reputation, so Palin appealed to both women and younger voters.

Even though the McCain-Palin ticket failed, Palin remained part of the national conversation.

During the Trump election, Palin was a major surrogate for Trump, making people believe she was about to jump back in at some point.

And now that her children are grown and completed school, that is exactly what Palin plans on doing.

The Palin Agenda

Palin has a message most Democrats are not really going to like.

The former governor of Alaska said: “I want to do something that will influence our culture.”

“To really remind people how important a work ethic is and to try to erase a lot of the idea that people have that government owes them anything. Or that anybody owes them anything,” Palin added.

Her husband is just as excited to get out of Alaska and “get some things done,” according to Sarah.

Palin’s agenda is a refreshing one in that all we have heard for the last two years is how the government owes everyone everything.

It will be very interesting to see if the younger generation receives her message with the same enthusiasm they received the message sent out by Bernie Sanders.

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In addition to her own agenda, Palin encouraged our current conservative lawmakers to get their act together.

She is tired of seeing them constantly “on defense” when Republicans control the House, Senate, and White House.

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