Report: Palestinian President Abbas taken to hospital for third time in a week

Conflicting reports are starting to surface regarding Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

While his office officially says he went to hospital for a standard follow up, secondary sources are reporting President Abbas was suffering from chest pains.

Follow Up or Illness?

Any time a world leader goes to the hospital unexpectedly, it makes the news.

When someone goes to the hospital three times in a week, it really starts to get peoples ears up.

Just last week, President Abbas had ear surgery.

According to his camp, his latest visit was nothing more than a follow up on that surgery.

However, sources inside his office have anonymously told a different tale.

They are saying President Abbas was suffering from chest pains and a fever when he went to the hospital.

More rumors started to surface that he was actually being treated for pneumonia.

Those reports stated he would be in the hospital for several days, then released early this week.

Dangerous Ground

Not exactly a picture of health, Abbas’ health is a major concern to the world stage.

He has a history of health issues, including prior heart problems as well as a bout with cancer.

The concern here lies in that there is no successor in line.

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An election has not been held in Palestine since 2005.

With the Hamas terror group holding Gaza and Abbas’ Fatah party the recognized ruling party, his death could hold severe consequences to the stability of the area.

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