Pakistani actress & singer found shot dead – by her own husband

A rising star in the Pakistani music scene had her life cut short by her jealous husband.

Reshma, who was both a music and TV star in Pakistan, was shot dead by her husband earlier this week.

Settling an Argument

While details of the case are still being investigated, it appears her death came about over an argument.

According to reports, after the dispute, the husband pulled out a gun and shot Reshma.

Local police said her husband has evaded capture and is still at large.


Sadly, incidents such as this are taking place far too often in Pakistan, specifically in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region.

This is reportedly the 15th time violence has been directed at a female artist there just this year.

An attack happened earlier this year involving another star who refused to accompany her attacker to a private event.

Knowing the culture, jealousy would seem to be a cause of these attacks.

Women are often not permitted to pursue a career of their own.

They are often treated as second-class citizens.

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Reshma was best known for her Pashto songs.

She was also a star in a Pakistani TV series called Zhobal Goluna.

Her death is a heartbreaking reminder of what life is really like in countries like Pakistan.

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