Painting of Trump crossing the swamp is going viral for all the right reasons

A Utah artist sent social media into a tizzy after he revealed his latest painting.

When Jon McNaughton unveiled “Crossing the Swamp,” he found out just how great as well as how cruel social media can be at times.

Take a look:

Controversial Works of Art

McNaughton’s painting has several key members of the Trump administration making their way across the D.C. Swamp, including U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, and Trump himself.

The picture is an obvious take on Washington’s crossing of the Delaware — and, accordingly, liberals took the obvious cheap shots.

One stated how the president’s wife Melania would never be caught wearing camo.

Another stated that Ben Carson was rowing backward.

Trump supporters were also heard from after the work of art was unveiled.

One of the more common sentiments expressed was that liberals can keep on hating, because they are only making Trump supporters stronger.

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Other Works

If you don’t follow McNaughton on Twitter, you should.

He has created some rather incredible pieces, each of which have caused quite a stir, including another recent piece, “Respect the Flag.”

The piece was done in response to NFL players protesting the National Anthem.

The powerful image captures the outrage many Americans felt after NFL players started to use the National Anthem as a platform to protest President Donald Trump.

Does it resonate with you?

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