Pain at the pump: national gas price reaches $4 a gallon

The Washington Examiner reports that the national price of gasoline is now the highest that it has been in over a decade. 

On Sunday, the American Automobile Association announced that the national price of gasoline reached $4.009 per gallon.

The last time that Americans saw a price this high was about 14 years ago in July of 2008. At the time, the national price of gas was $4.114 per gallon.

It ought to be noted that this $4.00 figure is only a national average. There are some parts of the country, including the Northeast and the West Coast, that are seeing prices way above $4.00. California, for example, currently has an average gas price of $5.28 per gallon.

The surge

The national price of gasoline jumped noticeably over the past week as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has continued.

Breitbart News reports that “the $4.00 national average is a 40 cent jump from last week and a 57 cent increase from just a month ago.” Indeed, in February 2022, the national price of gasoline was $3.439, which was a lot at the time, but now is something that Americans are hoping to return to.

Breitbart News also reports that this March’s national gas price is over a dollar higher than what it was in March of 2021. Then, it was $2.76 per gallon.

That figure is now a pipe dream.

The “why?”

The is little doubt that the Russia-Ukraine conflict is a large part of the reason why gasoline prices here in America have surged in recent weeks. But, the fact of the matter is that gas prices have been soaring ever since Joe Biden became president.

The reason in both cases is the same: under Biden’s leadership, America has to rely on countries such as Russia for oil.

That’s because Biden, as part of the left’s climate agenda, refuses to allow oil and gas production to take place on U.S. land even though it would make these commodities more affordable for the American people. Biden made his position on this issue very clear on day one when he put an end to the Keystone XL Pipeline project.

Until and unless Biden allows oil and gas production on U.S. land, we ought to expect gas and oil prices to continue to soar here in America. We may, in fact, see new records if the U.S. decides to stop buying Russian oil in response to its invasion of Ukraine, a move that seems more and more likely to happen.

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