Anti-Trump PAC spreads manipulated video of Trump’s July 4 speech

The anti-Trump Lincoln Project PAC is made up of Republicans bent on opposing President Donald Trump at every turn while actively seeking to elect Democrats this fall as a means of punishing conservative lawmakers who back him.

While those involved with the Lincoln Project are surely entitled to express their political beliefs, they have now been caught willfully misleading the American people about the content of Trump’s Independence Day speech, as Breitbart reported.

Lies and manipulation

With clearly manipulated footage of the event, a video disseminated by the group made it appear that President Trump stated in his speech that Operation Desert Storm, the brief 1991 war to remove Saddam Hussein’s Iraq from Kuwait, had occurred in the dense jungles of Vietnam.

That doctored video was tweeted out by the Lincoln Project with the caption, “What’s wrong with the president?”

The post was subsequently “liked” more than 60,000 times and received more than 21,000 comments and retweets, according to Breitbart. For what it’s worth, the video has since been taken down after being labeled by Twitter as “manipulated media.”

As Breitbart noted, a member of the Trump campaign’s rapid response team, Giancarlo Sopo, quickly countered the blatant dishonesty from the Lincoln Project with numerous tweets calling out the deception, including one that read: “This video is grossly misleading. President Trump did not say Operation Desert Storm is in the jungles of Vietnam. All this person had to do was back-up the video some 15 seconds.”

Snopes defends Trump

Somewhat surprisingly, Trump’s campaign and supporters weren’t the only ones to come to his defense against the video that was intended to mislead viewers into thinking the president confused two wars separated by several decades and thousands of miles.

As Breitbart reported, notoriously liberal-leaning website Snopes actually provided a rare fact check of the anti-Trump clip and declared it to be “false, based on Trump’s fumbling the delivery of a passage in his speech in a way that left some listeners confused, and video excerpts from his address that didn’t provide the full context of what he said.”

“During a portion of his speech in which Trump was lauding the prowess of U.S. military aircraft, he stumbled over the word ‘sweeping’ (either because the teleprompter displayed the wrong word, or he simply misread it), and thus the historical progression he was invoking at the time (from World War II to Korea to Vietnam to Desert Storm) got a bit lost in the shuffle,” the fact checkers explained.

According to a transcript of Trump’s Saturday remarks, the president said of U.S. military aircraft: “These planes once launched off massive aircraft carriers in the fiercest battles of World War II. They raced through the skies of Korea’s MiG Alley. They carried American warriors into the dense fields and jungles of Vietnam. They delivered a swift and swip- — and you know that, sweeping — it was swift and it was sweeping like nobody has ever seen anything happen — a victory in Operation Desert Storm.”

CNN too?

Perhaps even more surprising than Snopes’ defense of the president was the fact that CNN fact checker Daniel Dale followed suit and refuted the falsely manipulated video that depicted Trump as though he had made a “substantive error” when, in fact, he had not.

It is nothing new for the president’s media and political enemies to fabricate falsehoods out of whole cloth, but this time they got caught in the act and held accountable in such an embarrassing fashion that the purveyors of this particular lie had no choice but to retreat.

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