PA Supreme Court strikes down indoor mask mandates for schools and daycares

Pennsylvania Democrats are having a bad week based on a recent ruling from the state’s high court regarding mask mandates.

According to The Epoch Times, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court released a bombshell ruling in which it decided Acting Health Secretary Alison Beam lacks the authority to issue indoor mask mandates for schools and childcare centers. 

The ruling reaffirms a previous Commonwealth Court decision on the matter.

Notably, the original lawsuit challenging the indoor mask mandate was brought forth by Pennsylvania Senate President Pro Tempore Jake Corman, a Republican gubernatorial candidate, who filed the suit personally, as a parent.

Corman celebrates

Not surprisingly, Corman, Republicans, and parents across the state were thrilled with the court’s decision, as it’s yet another instance of courts striking down the mask and vaccine mandates incessantly pushed by power-hungry Democrats.

“With today’s ruling, the power for parents and local leaders to make health and safety decisions in our schools is restored,” a statement from Corman’s camp read.

It added: “That power comes with an obligation to review the facts and act in the best interests of our communities—which is why legislative leaders sent a letter to Governor Tom Wolf yesterday to reconvene the COVID-19 Vaccine Task Force. I encourage all stakeholders to review the needs and conditions in our communities to make the best choices for our kids.”

Interestingly, Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court is primarily composed of Democratic justices, making the ruling even more eye-opening.

Wolf’s camp unhappy

Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf’s office immediately released a statement on the decision, expressing disappointment with the final outcome.

“The administration recognizes that many school districts want to ensure a safe and healthy learning environment for students and staff, and we are hopeful they will make appropriate mitigation decisions moving forward,” said one of Wolf’s spokespeople.

They also described the state’s high court’s decision as “extremely disappointing.”

With courts across the country striking down or halting various pandemic-related mandates and rules, don’t be surprised to see more Democrats wailing over the fact that they’re losing the extreme and unprecedented power they temporarily held throughout the bulk of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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