Rock legend Ozzy Osbourne opens up about major health issues

Ozzy Osbourne is infamous for alcohol and drug abuse, but his latest brush with death had nothing to do with his past addictions.

In January, Osbourne took a nasty fall and at the time, he thought it was not only going to end his career but also his life. But just a few months later, Osbourne has recovered and says that making music again has reignited his will to live. 

Nasty Fall

Osbourne has escaped death dozens of times. He has suffered numerous overdoses and his lifestyle as the lead singer of Black Sabbath probably would have put most men in their graves. But not Ozzy.

Of all the things that have nearly killed him, it was a fall that nearly ended his life. A tumble for anyone in their 70s can be dangerous, as was the case for Osbourne.

Ozzy was recovering from a nasty case of bronchitis and pneumonia, so he was already in a weakened state when the accident happened.

The rock legend was merely trying to go to the bathroom when he tripped over a rug and fell face first, forcing his neck back so hard he ended up with 15 screws in his spine. A man that was used to daily activity was suddenly stuck in his bed, unable to do anything, for months.

Get Out of Bed!

After languishing for weeks in bed, friends and family forced Ozzy to get up and do something, anything, other than stay idle.

While his wife Sharon was offering daily encouragement, Ozzy stated that Elton John gave him a much-needed push that forced him to work through the pain and start to get his life back.

Now, Ozzy is back on his elliptical machine and able to do about 30 minutes a day (compared to only a few minutes when he first started his recovery). The only foreign substance in Ozzy’s veins these days is CBD oil, which he uses to help him sleep.

Ozzy stated, “I don’t get loaded with it, so it’s fine. I’m a chronic insomniac. Before, I was sleeping one hour a day. I was nuts. CBD oil really works to help sleeping.”

As a way out of this dark space, Ozzy also started to make music again, which he believes might turn into one of the best albums he has ever made. This, however, also took a little nudge for him to get going and that nudge came from the unlikeliest of sources.

Rapper and songwriter Post Malone, of whom Ozzy had never even heard up to that point, asked him to sing the opening for “Take What You Want.” Once Ozzy was bitten by the bug, he started writing and singing again, and he says he has no intention of stopping anytime soon.

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