Oz accuses Fetterman of seeking early release from prison of dangerous and violent criminals

In the Pennsylvania Senate race, a clear distinction has been drawn between candidates Dr. Mehmet Oz (R) and Lt. Gov. John Fetterman on the issue of prison reform, as Oz believes convicted criminals should be in prison while Fetterman has actively worked to have convicts released early from prison.

Oz has essentially accused Fetterman of encouraging and supporting a veritable “prison break” via his reform ideas and even asserted recently that his opponent values the lives of “criminals above the innocent,” according to Breitbart.

Fetterman’s dangerous ideas on prison reform

“He seems to value the positions of the criminals above the innocent, which again far-left radicals tend to do, but this goes beyond that,” Oz told Breitbart of Fetterman in a recent interview. “Not only does he want to release one-third of all prisoners, saying it wouldn’t make a difference, but he wants to legalize all drugs, wants to have heroin injection sites,” and even an “open border” through which more criminals and drugs will flow.

Oz went on to highlight the surging crime rates and open drug markets in cities like Philadelphia and noted that he had received the unanimous endorsement and support of the state’s police unions.

As for the “prison break” aspect of Oz’s critiques, Breitbart noted that Fetterman, in his position as chair of Pennsylvania’s Board of Pardons by virtue of being lieutenant governor, the Fetterman-led board has recommended at least 46 prison sentence commutations since 2019, which compared to only six such recommendations from the board before Fetterman’s leadership.

Fetterman has also said that granting early release to up to one-third of the state’s prison population would have no impact on the safety of citizens, and the outlet reported separately that Fetterman in 2020 had suggested that the pandemic-related early release of roughly 20 percent of the state’s prison population was not enough and should have already been done previously.

Hired convicted murderers he helped get out of prison early

As to those commutations that Fetterman recommended, two of those were for a pair of brothers sentenced to life in prison for their role in a 1993 murder who are now campaign staffers working for the Democratic Senate candidate, The Washington Times reported.

The Oz campaign has called on Fetterman to fire the brothers previously convicted of murder, who had the remainder of their sentences commuted by Gov. Tom Wolfe (D) in February 2021, though they did not receive a pardon for the crimes that they were convicted of.

The Fetterman campaign in response has refused to fire the staffers and insisted that they were “wrongfully convicted” — even though no court has ever established that — and attacked Oz for targeting the campaign aids.

Appointed a cop-killer “ally” to pardon board

Meanwhile, The Washington Free Beacon reported that Fetterman, again in his role as chair of the Board of Pardons, had previously appointed as secretary of the board an anti-police prison reform activist named Celeste Trusty, who has proudly bragged of being an “ally” and close personal “friend” of convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal.

That shouldn’t be all that surprising, given the other evidence in support of the accusations that Fetterman is more favorably disposed to criminals than the innocent people who are preyed upon by those same criminals.

Were it up to Fetterman, it seems, virtually every cell door in Pennsylvania prisons, if not across the nation, would be thrown open and the convicted occupants granted their freedom to once again wreak havoc on society.

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