Candace Owens accuses Connecticut governor of lying about infant coronavirus death

Several days ago, Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont (D) announced that a 6-week-old baby had died from complications “linked” to the coronavirus.

Now, popular conservative commentator Candace Owens has charged Lamont with lying about what was actually responsible for the infant’s tragic death, the Washington Examiner reports.

Tragic death

In his April 1 tweet, Gov. Lamont stated that an unresponsive 6-week-old baby had been brought to the hospital. He further stated the child could not be revived and that the death was “linked to” the coronavirus. “We believe this is one of the youngest lives lost anywhere due to complications relating to COVID-19,” he added in a later tweet.

The state’s chief medical examiner, however, was not so quick to agree with the governor. “The infant did test positive for the COVID-19 virus and an autopsy was done,” James Gill later stated, according to CBS News. “At the current time, we have not issued a final cause of death. There are numerous tests that we must do on infant deaths before issuing a final cause of death.”

According to the Examiner, Candace Owens disclosed on Twitter on Friday she has even more information about the child’s cause of death.

He lied!

While Owens would not go into full detail, she did state that she had investigated this story and touched base with some people very close to the family.

What they told Owens is far different from what Gov. Lamont has stated. Owens revealed that the baby died from an accident, likening it to a toddler being left alone at the pool.

She stated she would not go into any further detail for the privacy concerns of the family. She did, however, note that family members are very upset that their child’s death is being used for political gain.

If Owens’ story is accurate, there simply is no other course of action than for Lamont to immediately step down from his office.

If he lied about the death of an infant solely to create more coronavirus fear in this country, it may be one of the most despicable things we have ever seen from an elected official.

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