House Oversight Committee to vote on holding Kellyanne Conway in contempt

In the ever-constant attacks against the Trump administration, the House Oversight and Reform Committee is now going after top White House adviser Kellyanne Conway.

After Conway’s refusal to comply with a House-issued subpoena, the committee is now scheduled to hold a vote on Thursday to hold her in contempt. If the vote passes, which is expected, Conway’s arrest, technically, could be ordered.

Under Trump’s Protection

While Conway still has time to show up, she has absolutely no intention of doing so. We can say this with confidence because she was told to ignore the subpoena by President Trump himself.

The White House is asserting that as a Trump adviser, Conway is immune from testifying.

White House counsel has advised the Oversight Committee of that fact, but committee chair Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) is not buying it.

Hatch Act Violations

The reason the House committee wants to hear from Conway is due to alleged Hatch Act violations on her social media accounts.

Official accounts cannot be used for political gain, but the Office of Special Counsel found that Conway violated this policy on several different occasions.

It was actually recommended that Trump fire Conway, but he refused to listen to the recommendation from the Special Counsel.

Trump has stood by Conway during the entire ordeal and is refusing to back down.

In addition to the Conway case, the Oversight Committee is trying to investigate certain White House staffers for using their personal emails for official government business.

It is actually quite ironic the Dems are digging in on this when they adamantly defended Hillary Clinton during her email debacle.

To this point, the White House has stonewalled the committee, refusing to turn over any documentation.

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