‘Our sin is that we are conservative and wildly successful’: Matt Walsh reacts to podcast controversy over Ben Shapiro appearance

On his podcast on Friday, Matt Walsh responded to the controversy this week over Ben Shapiro making an appearance at the Podcast Movement annual conference, asserting that the left’s intolerance of viewpoints that differ from theirs reveals a profound problem in today’s political climate.

Podcast Movement abjectly apologized to its membership for Shapiro’s informal and unplanned appearance at the conference after a transgender participant complained about seeing him there.

This YouTube video contains the apology and video of Shapiro at the event, taking pictures with fans and politely walking around, along with Sky News commentators incredulous that any apology was needed.


Shapiro’s podcast company The Daily Wire had sponsored a booth at the conference at the price of $10,000, but Shapiro had not expected to attend until he ended up in the area while it was going on.

Walsh started out accusing liberal podcasters of jealousy over Shapiro’s success, to the point that his mere presence pains them.

“Our sin is that we are conservative and wildly successful. That’s why they can’t stand us,” Walsh said about the apology. “In fact, they’re more than happy to have conservatives who are in these same spaces but are not successful … but to be successful in their space, and to be more successful than them, that’s unthinkable.”

“What happened yesterday represents an escalation beyond all of that. It’s not simply Ben’s opinions that are dangerous now. It is his presence. His existence in physical space is harmful and painful,” Walsh added.

The apology

Podcast Movement made it clear that they hadn’t invited Shapiro to the event and hadn’t expected him to be there. “We take full responsibility for the harm done by his presence,” the group said.

PM went on to say they would never get over the pain they caused and would consider their sponsors more carefully in the future. They practically begged those offended to come back next year.

Walsh argued that the apology “may go down in history as the most pathetic apology of all time.”

Given that Shapiro is one of the top podcasters in the world by the size of his listening audience, Walsh said, “If you see Ben Shapiro walking around, you should be coming to him for advice, not running away in fear with your hands over your ears.”

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