O’Reilly: Oscars ‘ratings bomb’ shows Americans are fed up with Hollywood

Hollywood’s awards shows, from the Grammys to the Golden Globes and the Oscars, have become bastions for progressive politics and anti-President Donald Trump propaganda.

And Bill O’Reilly torched them this week as the ratings for these shows continues to plummet.

Ratings Bomb.

The former Fox News host boasted that he did not watch the 2018 Oscars but was thrilled to say that they were a “ratings bomb.”

“As we predicted the Oscar telecast was a ratings bomb,” he said on Twitter. “America has had enough of Hollywood posturing.”

“Spare me the Oscar telecast where artistic achievement has been replaced by idiotic bombast and shallow posturing. That’s not entertainment,” he said.

“Was very happy not to watch the Oscar show last night because phonies on parade has zero appeal for me,” he said.

And he was not the only person that celebrated the disastrous ratings.

“#NFL got political, ratings dropped. #Oscars got even more political, ratings dropped. Maybe, just maybe, most Americans are sick and tired of everything being politicized,” former Congressman Joe Walsh said.

“Hollywood elites: ‘Let’s bash gun owners, Fox News, and Trump during the Oscars.’ Television ratings companies: ‘Dude, this is worst rated Oscars ever,’” former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino said.

Worst Ratings In History.

The Oscars garnered its worst ratings in the show’s history, Deadline reported.

The show had a 18.9 rating and 26.5 million people watching, as opposed to 2017 when the show had a 22.4 rating and 32.9 million people tuning in.

It was 19 percent less than last year’s ratings and more than the all-time lowest rated Oscars which had 31.8 million viewers in 2008.

Are the ratings going to be a slap in the face to the industry? A slap that makes it comprehend that the American people do not want to be preached to by millionaires who play make believe?

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If the NFL is an example the answer is no.

Progressives like to hear themselves speak and virtue signal. It is a drug to them and it is a tough habit to break.

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