New reports show Ortiz shooting was an assassination attempt

Newly unveiled facts surrounding the shooting of former Boston Red Sox star David Ortiz are making the purpose of the shooting very clear.

It now appears as though a local mobster hired a Sicario (Mexican hitman) to assassinate Ortiz over rumors of an alleged affair with his girlfriend.


The woman at the center of the assassination plot is Maria Yeribell Martinez Garcia. Garcia is a local model and was reportedly seen at the hospital where Ortiz was initially taken after the shooting.

Ortiz has denied any ties to the model, but there is some paperwork that would refute that.

The authenticity of the paperwork remains to be seen. However, according to the reports, Ortiz purchased an $84,000 car for Garcia.

The only problem is the check is dated for the day after the shooting. The dealership where the vehicle was allegedly purchased is not commenting on the transaction for privacy reasons.

The Sicarios

While the identity of the man who hired the hitman has not yet been revealed, rumors are circulating that the man is a local drug lord.

So far, in addition to the shooter, nine other men are believed to be in custody for ties to the shooting.

The shooter himself, though, told police that his target was not Ortiz. He is now claiming Ortiz’s clothing confused him for someone else.

That claim, however, seems to more of an effort to protect himself than the actual truth, as Ortiz is a local legend and well-loved in the Dominican Republic.

For his part, Ortiz is now back in the states at a Boston hospital. The Red Sox had him transported home via a private plane, as they promised to do after news of the shooting was announced. His family stated he is in good spirits and recovering.

However, it is worth noting that he not out of the woods just yet, as he has several surgeries on the docket that will require the partial removal of some organs that were damaged from the shooting.

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