Bill O’Reilly says the media is treating Trump like they did Kavanaugh

During a recent episode of “The Wayne Allen Root Show” on NewsmaxTV, Bill O’Reilly tried to set the record straight about the calls for an indictment against President Trump.

The former Fox News star stated, “The destroy-Trump media is in business to take him out, and that’s what they’re doing.”

Just as the media did with Justice Brett Kavanaugh, they are trying to convict Trump without all of the facts as well as twisting the narrative to suit their own needs.

Truth Doesn’t Matter

A point we have reiterated over the last few days regarding the calls for an indictment is that the media is not really worried about the truth.

In this case, they are claiming Trump did something wrong and ignoring the fact he was actually the victim of extortion/blackmail.

Democrats are literally trying to redefine what is and what is not a campaign finance violation to get Trump into trouble.

O’Reilly was quick to point out the media is prognosticating about something that has not even happened as though it were fact.

“There is no complaint against Trump – it’s against his lawyer,” O’Reilly stated.

The former Fox News host also noted what we read in the news these days is not necessarily the truth.

Sadly, on far too many occasions, the stories are straight up fake news or wishful reporting about something they hope actually happens.

Trump Indictment Unlikely

First and foremost, regardless of what the media says, actual facts are required to indict someone.

There is also the small issue of a sitting president not being able to be indicted.

Some believe the actual indictment may still come down, but prosecution will be delayed until Trump is no longer the president.

Additionally, there is the problem that Trump didn’t actually do anything wrong — that is, unless the laws are twisted so Democrats can pursue their narrative.

Trump was blackmailed, extorted, whichever term you would like to use by both McDougal and Daniels.

Nobody is calling for legal action against them, only against the man that paid them off rather than have his name and brand drug through the mud.

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Is what he did morally wrong? That is for the American people to decide come election day.

However, based on the facts currently at hand, President Trump did NOT break any laws.

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