Bill O’Reilly successfully predicted the withdrawal of Dr. Ronny Jackson

Bill O’Reilly may not be gracing our TV’s on Fox News anymore, but he is still making headlines.

A day before Dr. Ronny Jackson announced he was bowing out of his nomination for Secretary of Department of Veterans Affairs, Bill O’Reilly had predicted he would do just that.

O’Reilly and His Crystal Ball

Virtually since Dr. Jackson’s name was throw into the ring, accusations started coming out about him.

Mind you, this is a respected Naval officer who served two previous presidents in the same role he is currently serving for Trump at the White House.

With his past under both Bush and Obama, and now serving as the White House doctor, it makes perfect sense for Trump to put him up for Secretary of the VA.

What nobody ever saw coming were the allegations of handing out prescriptions improperly or drinking on the job.

Dr. Jackson has adamantly denied the allegations, but the bad press was clearly taking its toll on him.

During a Wednesday interview with Newsmax TV, O’Reilly stated, “Anybody who Donald Trump nominates for anything is going to get slimed. It’s brutal. This is the resistance.”

O’Reilly went on to discuss how liberals are saying anything and everything about Trump nominations simply to give the President a hard time.

They are not worried about ruining a man’s reputation or his career, which they are definitely doing in this case, but simply in creating as many obstacles as possible for Trump.

When the Newsmax reporter specifically asked him if he thought Jackson would withdrawal from consideration, he stated, “If I had to bet, I’d say ‘yes.’”

Bill O’Reilly then said, “I think he wants to clear his name, which is a good thing … But if I had to bet, I’d probably say that he’s not going to be the new V.A. Secretary.”

Just Creating Problems

Admiral Jackson is a perfect example of the lengths the obstructionists will go to stop Trump.

If the allegations are true, one would think they would have come out during the Bush or Obama administrations.

After all, he served both of those presidents before Trump as the White House doctor.

It is only now that Trump wants to put him in charge of the VA that liberals are starting to throw daggers at the man and call his character and reputation into question.

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They are literally ruining this man for no other reason than they do not like Trump.

And it is truly a shame, because his experience and service make him a perfect fit for a department that needs to be overhauled.

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