Bill O’Reilly calls for end to border family separation policy

A rebuke over the zero-tolerance policy by the Trump administration came this week from a very surprising source.

Bill O’Reilly, who had adamantly supported Trump throughout, recommended the administration needs to end its zero-tolerance immigration policy that is increasing family separations among undocumented immigrants.

Laura Bush Fallout

Along with Democrat outrage, several high-ranking members of the GOP have come out against the policy.

Most of the negativity has come after a slew of media reports have made Trump out to be Hitler and immigrant facilities out to be Nazi death camps.

Then, the real bomb hit.

Former First Lady Laura Bush, who is arguably one of the most popular First Ladies in recent times, came forward and penned an op-ed in the Washington Post.

Her article shredded the administration over the policy, calling it both “cruel” and “immoral.”

In addition to that, Melania Trump asked the administration to govern with heart.

The Trump Challenge

As members of his own party have come out against the policy, Trump issued a challenge to all lawmakers.

Trump simply told them that if they don’t like the policy, then get to work and fix immigration laws.

While Democrats were out making appearances at local immigration facilities, Ted Cruz actually put pen to paper to address the situation.

The legislation would allow immigrant families to remain together during processing.

It also calls for a significant increase in personnel to process on both the local and judicial levels.

Thus far, the public response has been tepid at best.

While some conservatives agree something needs to be done, there is significant backlash on social media over the cost of implementing the legislation.

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The fact is Americans are tired of their tax money going to undocumented immigrants, and this legislation will only increase that burden.

To O’Reilly’s point, though, the administration needs to do something ASAP to end this brutal news cycle and Cruz’s legislation seems as good a start as any.

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