Bill O’Reilly and Eric Bolling could be joining Greta in return to cable news

There may be a massive shakeup about to happen in the political media world.

Reports are leaking out that Newsmax TV is seriously courting three former Fox personalities: Greta Van Susteren, Eric Bolling, and Bill O’Reilly.

Fox Under Attack

Fox News has been dominating the evening hours over its rivals.

That may soon change, however, with several channels trying to pick the fruit from the tree.

Only yesterday we reported Sinclair Broadcasting was trying to woo Hannity away from Fox.

Now, Newsmax TV is looking to add some former personalities of the network to face off against Fox for prime time ratings.

Bill O’Reilly regularly had some of the strongest ratings for the network.

O’Reilly was let go amid misconduct allegations, and Tucker Carlson took his coveted spot.

Van Susteren was also a hit with viewers, but left when Fox News upper level management was facing sexual misconduct allegations.

Eric Bolling, formerly a key member of “The Five,” was also let go by the network, but still has a very loyal following on social media.

If Newsmax is able to land all three personalities, it would immediately become a large player in the political news media world.

Fox Falling

As it stands now, Fox News is untouchable from about 4:00pm through the 11:00pm time slots.

The network is absolutely blowing CNN right out of the water and while MSNBC is making a little noise in some of those spots, Fox still leads them at every time slot.

That would no doubt change dramatically if Newsmax makes this move.

Most pundits are predicting the assault with Van Susteren anchoring national news at 6:00pm.

Right now, Fox dominates that spot with Brett Baier.

Van Susteren would most likely stay on for another hour to host her own show, then have O’Reilly face off directly against Tucker Carlson.

That would leave Hannity, if he remains with Fox, facing off against his old buddy Eric Bolling.

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Laura Ingraham could also find her 10:00pm slot in a battle if Newsmax lands Sean Spicer, who the network is also reportedly courting.

While all of this is bad news for Fox, it is great news for conservatives looking for another outlet.

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