Oregon sues Trump administration for federal funds withheld over sanctuary state policies

The Trump administration is headed back to the courts over its immigration policies.

Oregon has filed a lawsuit to have the hold lifted from federal funds due to its status as a sanctuary state.

No Exceptions

Earlier this year, then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced new guidelines to receive millions of dollars in Byrne JAG grants.

This money is earmarked for local law enforcement and anti-crime initiatives.

The Trump administration adamantly insisted that if states want this money, they must get on board with the federal government’s guidelines for turning over undocumented immigrants who are in custody locally.

Oregon, like several other liberal states, has refused to comply with this stipulation, so its funding has been withheld.

At stake here is roughly $2 million in funding.

Expensive Lawsuit

Oregon is claiming Congress never put such stipulations on the funding when it was originally approved.

That being the case, state officials say this administration cannot suddenly put stipulations in place to receive the funding.

State officials in Oregon have apparently made this their new hobby, as this is the 18th such lawsuit that has been filed against the Trump administration.

In the process of filing all of these cases, the state has burned through roughly $100,000 of taxpayer money to support the suits.

Oregon crime

Oregon is also a state that has a horrific problem with sexual predators.

The state average per capita is three times the national average.

Not only that, earlier this month it was reported that more than 1,000 of these predators’ files were not publicly listed on the state’s registry.

This is yet another example of a sanctuary state that has a significant crime problem.

When are people going to wake up and see the common factors in states and cities that refuse to comply with this administration’s immigration policies?

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The solution here is simple… if you want that money, turn over the criminals.

We can only hope this case does not find its way in front of a liberal judge, because we all know how that ends up!

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