Oregon Democrat Rep. suffers injuries after being struck by a car

According to the Daily Mail, U.S. Rep. Suzanne Bonamici (D-OR) sustained injuries after being struck by a car in Portland, Oregon, on Friday. 

The incident was first reported by Natalie Crofts, Bonamici’s communications director.

What happened?

Crofts explained on Twitter that “@RepBonamici and her husband were struck by a car Friday evening while were they walking across a street in a crosswalk. The incident occurred as they were leaving an event in Portland.”

Kevin Allen, a spokesperson for the Portland Police Department, has filled in some of the details of the incident.

According to Allen, the accident occurred as Bonamici and her husband – U.S. District Judge Michael Simon – were crossing Northwest Everett Street around 8:44 p.m. on Friday night. This was after the pair attended the Martin Luther King Jr. Shabbat Service hosted by Congregation Beth Israel.

Allen explained that, as Bonamici and her husband were crossing the road, using the crosswalk, a vehicle driven by a woman turned the corner at a slow rate of speed and struck the two, knocking them down.

Allen did not provide many details about the driver. But, Allen did say that the driver remained at the scene of the crash and cooperated with police. Allen further revealed that the driver was neither arrested nor cited for the incident.

The aftermath

Next, according to Crofts, Bonamici and her husband were taken to the hospital.

Croft wrote that 68-year-old Bonamici “was treated for a concussion and laceration to her head” and that her 66-year-old husband “was treated for minor injuries.”

Crofts further revealed that Bonamici had “been released from the hospital to recover at home.” Crofts also said that Bonamici “is expected to make a full recovery.”

What now?

Bonamici’s injuries did cause her to miss some political events in Oregon on Saturday. Crofts tweeted that Bonamici “will be unable to attend the town hall meetings in Clatsop and Tillamook Counties today [i.e. Saturday] and other public events while she heals.”

It remains to be seen whether Bonamici’s injuries will cause her to take time away from the U.S. House of Representatives.

As the Washington Examiner reports:

Bonamici’s injury and possible absence from the House of Representatives come as her party is in the minority and cannot afford to lose any more votes.

OregonLive reports that Bonamici “was sworn in for her sixth full term in Congress [on] Jan. 7,” and that “she has represented Oregon’s 1st Congressional District since 2012.”

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