Orange County Democrat forced to resign after praising communist leader Ho Chi Minh

It seems that the bubble our country has been put in due to the pandemic is starting to affect some people’s common sense.

Look no further than the unexplainable posting by an Orange County Democrat leader in support of communist Vietnamese leader Ho Chi Minh, a posting that forced Jeff LeTourneau to resign from his position in the party. 

The post

Somehow, LeTourneau, the vice-chair for the Democrat Party of Orange County (DPOC), thought it would be a good idea to make a social media post praising Ho Chi Minh — even though Orange County is, in fact, home to a large population of Vietnamese Americans, many of whom came there as refugees escaping communist rule.

While the Democratic Party has been making a big socialist turn as of late, this was way over the line. As The Los Angeles Times reports, Ho Chi Minh’s tenure is known for “its massive casualties and for causing the diaspora of South Vietnamese who feared retribution from their war efforts.”

The post, which was deleted less than two hours after he initially made it, praised the dictator as a man who “liberated an entire poor, colonized nation from 2 of the most powerful military forces in the world.”

The backlash

The post was so outrageous, even LeTourneau’s fellow Democrats blasted him for the post.

After removing the post, LeTourneau stated, “In the past days, the trauma that Ho Chi Minh’s dictatorship wrought on Vietnamese members of our community has been made abundantly clear to me.”

Republican state Assembly candidate Janet Nguyen was furious, calling on her counterpart in the election “to reject the Orange County Democratic Party’s endorsement and money if this is what they stand for,” according to the Voice of OC report.

“A lot of people here are very patriotic and their family members were killed by [Ho Chi Minh]. They deserve better than him,” Orange County Board of Supervisor Michelle Steel said, according to the Times.

LeTourneau has now formally stepped down from his position.

This, however, leaves a question unanswered concerning Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), a self-described democratic socialist.

If you read the post by LeTourneau and have seen the comments made by Sanders in the past, offering flattering comments to the likes of Cuba’s Fidel Castro, why isn’t Bernie being held to this same standard?

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