Oprah Winfrey describes last-minute wardrobe change ahead of Adele interview

Oprah Winfrey recently sat down with singer Adele for an interview, but the meeting did not go according to plan.

The longtime talk show host revealed that she encountered a wardrobe crisis that required a last-minute change out of the clothes she planned to wear.

“I’m going to look like a parrot”

According to the Daily Mail, Winfrey initially set out to wear a brightly colored outfit that would pair with the flowers in the garden where the interview was set to take place.

After discovering that Adele would be clad in a simple white suit, however, she said she scrambled to find a more neutral getup that would not clash with her interviewee.

Her behind-the-scenes revelation came in a post she authored for her Oprah Daily website.

As for her first choice in attire, Winfrey wrote that she was a fan of the suit singer Jennifer Lopez wore during an interview last year and decided to find a similar one in an apricot shade.

“Two weeks later, I was sent a picture of what Adele would be wearing,” she continued. “It was a beautiful white suit by Christopher John Rogers. I thought, Whoa, I’m going to look like a parrot next to her.”

“Keep an eye out for the apricot suit”

Following a discussion with confidante Gayle King, Winfrey explained that she decided a change was needed. Ultimately, she opted for a cream-colored jumpsuit by designer Brunello Cuccinelli.

“When I walked in and met her for the first time, I was glad I’d listened to that little whisper and gone with my gut,” she concluded.

Crew members reportedly worked to block out all the roses except for the white ones, which further complemented the neutral tones of both outfits.

“In the end, our neutral suits looked perfect together,” Winfrey wrote. “And I wound up wearing a navy suit with feathers from Sally LaPointe to introduce the concert. Oh, and keep an eye out for the apricot suit — it may just make an appearance one day.”

The interview came as Adele was promoting the upcoming release of her new album, which Rolling Stone described as one of the “most hotly anticipated albums of 2021.” It will be available for purchase on Friday.

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