'Operational handbook' uncovered for terrorists to 'commit atrocities'

October 16, 2023
World Net Daily

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Israeli soldiers have uncovered Hamas' orders to its terrorist members for them to commit "atrocities" against both soldiers and civilians, according to the IDF.

The Israeli Defense Forces said in a report that soldiers have found not only the "operational handbook for Hamas terrorists," but also operational plans and "detailed attack orders against communities near the Gaza Strip, which illustrate Hamas’ plan to carry out a terrorist attack and commit atrocities against both civilians and soldiers."

Massive stockpiles of equipment also were found.

Those supplies included encrypted phones, communications channels, and encrypted numbers, according to the Intelligence Directorate.

The government agency said, "So far, hundreds of documents and materials have been collected by the Intelligence Directorate and the Yahalom Combat Engineering Unit, including cellular phones, communication equipment, cameras, and dozens of intelligence reports that were widely distributed to the terrorists."

It was over the weekend soldiers set up a task force to review items that were captured from terrorists.

"The items, including equipment, documents, phones, and certificates, were examined and destroyed by the Yahalom Unit," the report said.

Also found in pamphlets were breakdowns of the "combat doctrine" used by terror forces in Hamas.

"The documents contained coordination actions, stages of attack and code words. One section details the treatment and abduction of civilians of communities near the Gaza Strip," the agency reported.

"Soldiers from the Paratroopers Brigade 202nd Battalion located the body of a Hamas terrorist within Israel with a detailed plan for a terrorist attack on Kibbutz Alumim, further evidence of Hamas' intent to carry out the horrific terrorist attack against Israeli civilians," IDF reported.

The report said it is the Intelligence Directorate that is heading up the review of Hamas' terror plans and weapons.

"The unit responsible for sorting the materials is composed of both active duty and reserve personnel, whose purpose is to extract critical information from items located by the security forces in combat zones. The unit then inputs the information into intelligence databases," the IDF said.

"At the beginning of the war, special forces from the Yahalom Unit took part in efforts to identify combat equipment in communities near the Gaza Strip, which were filled with explosive devices, grenades, weapons, mines and more," it continued.

Hamas terrorists attacked Israeli just over a week ago, killing an estimated 1,200 civilians, including children who were beheaded, in the first night of war. Israel since has promised to eliminate the threat posed by the terrorist organization and has told civilians to get out of the way of a coming ground invasion.

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