'Open letter' from renowned faith leader calls for Biden to 'correct' his ways

 June 7, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

James Dobson, founder of the James Dobson Family Institute and FamilyTalk radio, has been blunt over the years in calling out sin, including among America's leaders.

He's advised five presidents on family matters and was inducted in 2008 into the National Radio Hall of Fame. He authored more than 70 books including, "The New Dare to Discipline," "The New Strong-Willed Child," "When God Doesn’t Make Sense" and "Bringing Up Boys."

He's been called, by secular publications, the country's "most influential evangelical leader," and also helped found the high-profile Family Research Council in the 1980s.

Now he's being joined by two other leaders in his organization, Vice President of Public Policy Gary Bauer and Family Institute President Joe Waresak, in soliciting signatures on a letter calling out Joe Biden.

They right now are asking supporters to join in signing the document.

"We write to you," they are telling Biden, "with grave concern about the radical agenda your administration is imposing on the American people. When you ran in 2020, a major theme of your campaign was to bring America together. Instead, your actions have indisputably divided the country. You and your most dedicated allies in Congress regularly demonize and dehumanize anyone who holds Judeo-Christian or conservative values, as well as anyone who dares to resist your agenda to deconstruct the morals, laws, and freedoms that have sustained our great Republic.

"Mr. President, the moral and constitutional framework that sustains our Republic is at risk of collapsing due to your ill-advised and un-American policies. We urge you and your administration to seriously consider your overwhelmingly low approval ratings and failing policies and take immediate corrective action. We, the people of the United States, expect nothing less from our leaders and will pray to this end."

And they submitted a list of Biden's actions and policies "that are irrevocably damaging our country."

He is, first of all, "threatening our democracy."

"You have weaponized federal law enforcement against your political opponents. The lawfare your allies have waged against former President Donald Trump is reminiscent of a Soviet show trial, not our constitutional Republic. We are quickly losing our moral credibility to promote freedom and democracy abroad," they charge.

Further, he's attacking the First Amendment and is "undermining" the Supreme Court," putting at risk the justices "physical safety."

He's also "undermining religious liberty."

Multiple "regulations, directives and mandates" are restricting the religious conscience rights of people and organizations, and his FBI "infiltrated and monitored Catholic churches, while your IRS harasses religious nonprofits," the letter charges.

Third, he is destroying parental rights, especially on the subject of education, and, as he's made abortion one of his major term goals, he's mobilized the whole of government to promote the deaths of the unborn in defiance of his own "expressed Catholic faith."

"This has even led to the sentencing of elderly grandmothers to multiple-year jail terms for peacefully demonstrating in line with their sincere religious beliefs," the letter explains.

He's turned racist, using rhetoric that amplifies racial divisions for political gain, and threatened the very existence of the U.S.A. by "allowing millions of people who we can't possibly 'vet' to enter our country—many from nations that are enemies of the United States."

He's threatened women with his transgender ideologies and tried to appease "campus anti-Semites and radical Islamists in Congress" through his meddling in Israel's internal policies.

He's weakened America with his forced agenda of abortion and same-sex marriage around the globe, compromised the nation's sovereignty by giving power to the World Health Organization, and his massive deficits have triggered inflation that has exploded to 20% since he took office, threatening America's economy.

Further, there are his attacks on law enforcement, and he's launched his administration on a campaign to harm the nation through a "non-scientific lie that a child can be trapped in the wrong body."

The letter is accompanied by a list of references documenting the truth of the charges.

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