Organizers of Central American migrant caravan linked to infamous billionaire George Soros

Many have suggested that the caravan cutting across Mexico and approaching the U.S. southern border was organized by liberals — but now, these mere speculations look to be more like fact.

Some digging has proven that caravan organizers are directly linked to George Soros’ Open Society Foundations.

Long Time Coming

Anyone who thinks that this caravan was a spur of the moment thing is simply being foolish.

This was clearly organized quite some time in advance and specifically targeted to coincide with our upcoming midterm elections.

The group believed to be behind the caravan was actually touting the migrant group more than a month before the actual caravan started its journey.

Soros Ties

Now, pay attention, because this connection is purposely layered to hide Soros’ involvement.

Pueblo Sin Fronteras is the group credited with organizing the caravan.

This group is an offshoot of a Chicago, IL illegal immigration advocacy group, La Familia Latina Unida (LFLU), which is a part of the CARA Coalition.

The CARA Coalition is funded by several liberal foundations, including Soros’ Open Society Foundations.

Many people have wondered who was behind the supplies given to the caravan along their journey.

With now-obvious funding coming from Soros’ organizations — in addition to the actual organization of the caravan being done by to a group linked to Soros — does anyone really believe this was not politically motivated?

This is modern-day guerrilla warfare being conducted by Soros to promote his globalist agenda here in the United States.

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This man will go to any lengths to get his puppets into office so he can shred everything conservatives love about America.

Make no mistake about it: a vote for any Democrat gets Soros one step closer to pulling the strings on whatever puppet he backs for president in 2020.

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