'Only one hope left to save America'

 May 21, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

We are in a war. Of course, at its heart, it’s a spiritual war. We who call ourselves Christians are called by God to fight in that spiritual war, which expresses itself in innumerable ways all around us, so that what is fought in the heavenlies by angels fallen and unfallen is also fought in our own world, by us, in time and space. God gives us who are made in His image the wonderful and terrible privilege of taking part in eternal things within the context of human history.

Which raises the question: Where are we in human history?

In America we are experiencing our third – and likely our final – existential crisis. The first was our Revolution, when the threat was from without; the second was our Civil War, when the threat was from within. But now we face a third trial, whereby evil forces aim to steal our freedoms and national sovereignty via a globalist world system dedicatedly at war with the God from Whom we derive our principles of “liberty and justice for all,” as well as with the principles themselves. And the threat to us now is from both within and without.

This book is a sequel to my previous book, “Letter to the American Church,” which draws the unavoidably chilling parallels between German Christians’ silence and inaction in the 1930s and the silence and inaction of American Christians in our own time. Both are the result of a drift away from the biblical idea of a muscular faith that expresses itself in all spheres of life and toward a dead and “religious” faith that is merely theological and ecclesiastical. Dietrich Bonhoeffer sought to awaken the church of his day to action, but as we know, they did not heed God’s voice through him and invited the judgment they couldn’t have dreamt would come. So the question for us now is whether we in the American church will heed the prophetic warnings
of Bonhoeffer for our own time and avert the unfathomable horrors of our own silence and inaction.

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