One of VP Harris’ employees professes he ‘loves’ his job in tweet with awkward photo

It’s not a secret at this point that Vice President Kamala Harris is apparently the worst, most toxic boss in the history of bad bosses. It’s continually evidenced in new reports, which often contain anonymous leaks by her staffers describing what a total nightmare it is to work for her.

In the wake of the abrupt departure of Symone Sanders, Harris’ chief adviser, the White House immediately came under fire from reporters on both sides of the aisle. Just one day later, one of Harris’ staffers posted a cringe-worthy tweet professing that he “loves” his job.

Many believe that the tweet was not just a random kudos from one of her employees, but rather a result of a behind-the-curtain request from much higher up to help reverse the narrative that Harris’ office is literally falling apart before our eyes.

Gins brutally mocked

The timing of Gins’ embarrassing tweet came after a new round of reports claimed that Harris, as a boss, is a “bully,” and routinely hands out “soul-destroying criticism” among her staffers.

The photo of himself sitting at his desk in the most rigid way possible also elicited a round of brutal mocking, as the whole thing reeks of a staged and forced tweet of praise for his boss.

“Blink twice if you need help dave,” one Twitter user wrote in response to the image. Another added, “You look like you’re going to the gallows, bro.”

“David, please post a photo of you holding today’s newspaper,” another user commented.

Perhaps the best one from yet another commenter read: “Good for you, David. You in no way look or sound like somebody’s just out of frame, holding a sign that says, ‘Make this sound good if you ever want to work again.'”

Bad news for Dems

The Democratic Party now faces what was presumably an unexpected problem in that Harris, who checks all the “woke” boxes of being a person of color AND a female, is no longer suitable as the presumptive superstar Democratic presidential nominee should President Joe Biden decide to call it quits after one term of destroying America.

Recent reports have emerged — from left-leaning outlets — that the Dem Party is possibly grooming Transporation Secretary Pete Buttigieg as the party’s presidential nominee, especially if Harris continues to spiral down in polling and overall likability.

Only time will tell what happens, but if Harris loses any additional staffers in the coming days and weeks, which is widely predicted, she might finally come to a point of absolutely no return.

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