One country poised to become 'global superpower without even firing a shot'

 May 7, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Increasingly, astute China analysts warn that the communist regime is watching America diminish its resources around the world, and predict it's only a matter of time before Beijing seriously capitalizes on this rapid trend in world-changing ways.

One of these "Paul Reveres" is Chris Coulombe, who in 2016 ended more than 15 years of military service, having been both an enlisted service member and officer in multiple branches of America's Armed Forces – Army, Navy, and Marine Corps.

Wanting to continue serving his country, and endorsed by Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., Coulombe is the Republican candidate for a House seat in California's 2nd Congressional District.

In a recent X post, Coulombe shared a video in which he said, "China is attempting to create economic warfare on the United States." Noting that China is currently "biding its time, watching America's two most valuable resources – its military and the dollar – diminish," Coulombe's video tweet concluded dramatically: "When will the CCP directly challenge America's superpower status? Soon. Very soon."

WND spoke to Coulombe about his post.

China is making "a brilliant move" against the U.S., Coulombe told WND, though "it seems like most people sitting at home haven't noticed."

According to the GOP candidate, the mainstream media fails to report the increasingly evident truth that "China is effectively using regional [military] conflicts as a way to take advantage of draining the U. S. economy."

Most recently, he noted, these conflicts include Russia's ongoing invasion of Ukraine, Hamas' attack on Israel, and the Houthi attacks in the Red Sea.

Each involvement draws scarce American resources – especially Ukraine. And "the economic drain will impact the value of the dollar," Coulombe noted, adding: "It's quite clear that Russia, Iran, and China are working together to ensure that the U.S. continues to spend large sums of money."

As far as the communist Chinese regime, Coulombe told WND: "It's a beautiful economic warfare play": While the U.S. continues to support multiple conflicts around the globe, "we're continuing to drive up the debt that drives the value of the dollar down." And as the value of the dollar declines on the global market, the Republican candidate warns that "China will position itself with a parallel currency, one that could be the coup de grace for the United States."

"When enough countries around the world no longer want to use the U.S. dollar as a global reserve currency," he explained, "there will be a whole lot of dollars sitting on the market without demand." Should this scenario unfold, he expects the Chinese regime to "create a parallel economy in the world – arguably, to destroy the U.S. dollar."

"They'll become the global superpower without even firing a shot," he said. "With a Chinese-controlled currency, they remove the sphere of economic influence long maintained by the United States."
"We have watched the Congress formally position the U.S. as the financier of ever-growing regional conflicts ... conflicts we cannot easily extract ourselves from," he argued. "If a third conflict erupts after more funding is committed to Ukraine, Israel, and the Red Sea, the U.S. will be financially obligated to help, placing us right where China wants us before they move on Taiwan."

Should this happen, he warned, "America will be in a four-front war."

Solutions that keep America first

According to Coulombe, Congress needs to help rein in the amounts of financial resources spent on foreign engagements, seek innovative ways to bolster the American economy and protect the financial security of U.S. citizens.

"Americans and the world are looking for leadership and vision and they are not getting it today," he told WND, adding, "We cannot spend our way out of problems." With that, he pointed to the nation's staggering and growing $34 trillion debt.

As a member of Congress, one of Coulombe's many initiatives would include protecting the financial security of military veterans.

"This would include exempting all active duty and honorably discharged veterans from federal income tax for life on the first $182,000 of income," he explained.

Coulombe argued, "We do not need more government programs to fix failed government programs, [as] our veterans have served this country honorably for 248 years and without question, have earned the right to economic dignity in this republic."

"This [initiative]," Coulombe told WND, "will allow veterans to afford to be American and encourage them to engage in the economy, exactly where America needs them right now."

Another initiative of Coulombe's would be to suspend the federal income tax for all citizens for five years on the first $182,000 of income. "This will allow Americans to afford to be American and restimulate our overly burdened citizens," he explained. "Increased take-home pay will allow citizens to earn a living wage without increasing the burdens to overregulated small businesses" and result in "increased consumer spending, which will generate more jobs and decrease the number of Americans relying on government programs, ensuring those programs can help those who need it most."

"We need to unshackle the American economy," Coulombe concluded, "and that starts with unshackling Americans."

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