One country offers to pay for funeral if forced COVID shot kills you

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

Australia reported some of the most extreme COVID-19 demands of anywhere around the world during the pandemic.

Masks, yes. COVID shots, yes. Isolation, yes. And many, many more, including a requirement to take experimental jabs in order to work.

In fact, a report from explains that it was only days ago that the nation ended its isolation requirements.

The report speculated right away on whether there was now going to be “a massive save of cases,” and in fact, those isolation rules could return. And masks still are “recommended” in a number of situations and required in many more.

But the government also is taking a new approach and is promising that if you were forced to take the COVID shot there, and die, the government will pay for your funeral.

“How nice is that,” expressed a report at the Gateway Pundit.

It explained, “COVID vaccine shots were mandatory in Australia. If you didn’t get the shot, you didn’t work. The Australian government is now paying for your funeral if the COVID vaccine kills you.”

The report said there are instructions posted online by Services Australia for family members of the deceased to fill out to request payment.

What will be required is a statement from a doctor about a vaccine, a death certificate, proof of representation, proof of funeral costs, and proof of the deceased’s family.

Covered are deaths from the three shots that the nation allowed, including those from AstraZeneca, Pfizer, and Moderna.

“One of the fantastic things about the scheme is that you can make a claim online seeking reimbursement for expenses or compensation for your injury without the need to involve a lawyer or commence formal legal proceedings,” the report said.

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