One by one, Trump's trials are stalling

 May 9, 2024

One by one, Donald Trump's criminal trials are stalling. 

It's a sobering turn of events for liberals, who have spent the past year anxiously following every development in Trump's four criminal cases.

Suddenly, it appears Trump won't be held "accountable" for made-up crimes.

Far from it, he could very well be the next president, which would be as good as receiving a complete exoneration.

Trump's trials collapse

Trump has been counting on a strategy of delay, and it's working for him so far.

The Supreme Court, in a historic argument in April, showed serious interest in Trump's argument about presidential immunity from prosecution. That was enough to drive Democrats - who wanted a swift rebuke of Trump's claim - up a wall.

Many expect the issue to be sent back to the trial court, where further delays could spare Trump a trial in his January 6th case before the election.

Trump received more back-to-back victories this week in two of his other cases.

The judge in his classified documents trial decided to postpone the trial indefinitely, citing the serious unresolved issues in the complex, unprecedented case.

A day later, a Georgia appeals court agreed to take a second look at the ruling that allowed disgraced prosecutor Fani Willis to stay on Trumps' state election interference case.

Democrats for democracy?

The only case that is now certain to be resolved before the election is the ongoing "hush money" trial.

The prosecution has struggled to provide evidence of criminal wrongdoing by Trump, instead opting to air salacious details about his alleged affair with a porn star.

While the impact of a conviction on public opinion isn't clear, the case is widely seen as the least serious one Trump faces - in fact, many would say it reeks of desperation.

Democrats, on the brink of despair, have drawn the conclusion that the entire judicial system is rigged in Trump's favor - simply because their aggressive, political prosecutions are getting the pushback they deserve.

Ironically, Democrats and Joe Biden have made "democracy" the central theme of their campaign, which paints Trump as an aspiring dictator. But with Trump's prosecutions collapsing, Democrats will be left with no choice but to beat Trump at the ballot box.

That Democrats consider this scenario to be an affront to democracy says more about them than it does about Trump.

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