On video: Democrat reveals 'smoking gun' to beat Trump

 February 6, 2024

This story was originally published by the WND News Center.

A lot of Republicans had seen this coming already: The Democrats using any weapon available to push for a Joe Biden victory in November, including voting for GOP opponents of President Donald Trump.

It’s now documented on video, posted online by Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA.

In New Hampshire, a voter, a Democrat, voted in the Republican primary for Nikki Haley.

Asked, "Why did you vote for Nikki Haley?" he said. "To vote against Trump."

He then confirmed he would vote for Joe Biden in the general election.

The campaign is an attempt to make it appear Trump has less support than he has, an improbable task given that he's tens of points ahead of Haley and just about as far ahead of any Democrat just now.

That would include Biden, whose numbers have been plunging based on his catastrophic southern border actions, horrible economic news for consumers, weak presentation of America around the world, and his fanatical dedication to abortion and transgender ideologies.

Kirk noted, "This is an OUTRAGE. This must be fixed immediately."

On Tuesday, at the New Hampshire primary, the Daily Caller News Foundation confirmed some 70% of voters who backed Haley were not Republicans.

That was from a CNN exit poll.

The report explained, "Former President Donald Trump won the primary after he secured a record-setting victory in the Iowa caucuses Jan. 15., winning the New Hampshire race by a roughly nine point margin, according to The Associated Press. CNN reporter David Chalian outlined which voters backed the Republican contenders.

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