Report: The fate of the new court is all riding on Justice Ginsburg’s health

The future of the Supreme Court rides on the health of its oldest member.

While there are some concerns about Justice Stephen Breyer, who recently turned 80, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is the real concern for liberals, according to a recent report from The Hill.

All About Ginsburg’s Health

Ginsburg, who has noted health scares and is staring down the barrel of her 86th birthday, is the justice most liberals believe will shape the future of this court for decades.

But if she ends up retiring over the next year or so, President Donald Trump will get to name her successor.

And with Republicans in control of the Senate, his nominee would more than likely get through without much of a problem.

When Ginsburg fell recently and broke several ribs, the retirement talk once again started to dominate liberal thinktanks.

Ginsburg, for her part, has put all the noise aside and seems to be going about business as usual.

During her recovery, she has been working at home.

Since the Supreme Court was not hearing cases, she has had more than enough time to recover.

Right to be Concerned

Still, while Ginsburg and her camp are brushing off this injury as no big deal, liberals are right to be concerned.

Her bouts with cancer are well documented, as was her previous fall, which also resulted in some broken ribs.

The reality here is that at her age, her body is more susceptible to both injury and illness.

That fact alone has some liberals furious she did not retire during Obama’s presidency, when someone of a similar ideology could have been nominated to replace her.

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If something happens to Ginsburg that forces her into retirement while Trump is president, it will be liberals’ worst nightmare.

It would be extremely hard for them to push their agenda forward, especially when it comes to immigration, with a Supreme Court that has a 6-3 tilt toward conservatives.

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