Rep. Ilhan Omar’s alleged lover denies romantic relationship with the congresswoman

Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar (D) was recently accused of engaging in an adulterous affair with a married political consultant by that man’s estranged wife, who had filed for divorce.

Now, Omar’s alleged lover, Tim Mynett, has filed a counterclaim accusing his estranged wife, Beth, of making up the story about his affair as an act of revenge.

Mynett files counterclaim

Fox News reported that Mynett acknowledged in his counterclaim that the relationship between him and his wife had soured and the two were no longer living together, but denied that their separation was brought about by his alleged affair and purportedly professed love for the congresswoman.

“Since the time of Mr. Mynett’s departure from the marital home, Ms. Mynett began a negative campaign against Mr. Mynett, seemingly in an effort to ruin his career and permanently damage his relationship with William [his son] and his step-daughter,” Mynett’s filing stated.

It went on: “Mr. Mynett denies that he told Ms. Mynett he was leaving the marriage for Representative Ilhan Omar (‘Rep. Omar’) or that he was in love with her.”

However, as bad as the alleged adultery may seem to some, there is actually a bigger potential problem at play here that Mynett — not to mention Omar — may be attempting to avoid: possible campaign finance law violations.

Evidence of FEC violations?

Mynett owns and operates a political consulting firm known as E Street Group, which was hired by Omar’s congressional campaign in 2018 and has received at least $230,000 in campaign funds as payment for services rendered, according to Federal Election Commission (FEC) records.

A sizeable portion of those reimbursements to Mynett from Omar’s campaign were listed as being for “travel expenses,” but despite clear requirements from the FEC for detailed information with regard to reimbursed travel expenses, no such details have been provided by Omar’s campaign.

A formal complaint has since been filed with the FEC by the conservative-leaning National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC) alleging that the sparsely detailed “travel expenses” could be evidence of misused campaign funds on the part of Omar — especially if it turns out to be true that Omar and Mynett were having an affair and the reimbursed travel was part of it.

In response to that claim, Mynett strongly denied “any allegation which characterizes his work-related travel as being related to the furtherance of a relationship with Rep. Omar.”

Mynett also claimed that his marital split came about because of irreconcilable differences in parenting styles and alleged that he’d not engaged in any sort of sexual relationship with any other woman while married.

As for Omar, she has summarily dismissed all questions regarding the matter, calling them “stupid” and beneath her. But her lack of willingness to answer questions only makes the whole situation that much more suspicious.

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