Report: Rep. Ilhan Omar’s husband demands a divorce following reports of an affair

One of the most polarizing members of the Democrat “Squad” is back in the news this week.

Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar’s husband, Ahmed Hirsi, has demanded a divorce amid reports that the freshman congresswoman had an affair with a married man, the Daily Wire reports.

The Affair

Several weeks ago, footage surfaced of Rep. Omar with a mystery man at a California restaurant.

There were two things that had everyone asking questions about the mysterious man: First, the dinner was at a restaurant that was more than 20 miles away from where Omar was appearing at an event and where she was reportedly staying.

Second, the two of them appeared to be rather cozy during the dinner, according to restaurant staff interviewed at the time.

Several weeks later, the mystery man was identified as Tim Mynett, a political consultant whose company had worked in conjunction with Omar’s campaign.

At this point, Omar and her husband had already been separated, but Hirsi refused to file for divorce, apparently in the hopes of reconciling — at least until Mynett’s wife revealed in divorce filings that her husband told her he was in love with Omar.

In fact, she said that her husband had done significant traveling with Omar that, while billed as business travel, was actually of a more personal nature.

The Divorce

Once the affair was made public, Hirsi reportedly had a change of heart, and now not only wants a divorce, but he is willing to file for it — something he did not want to do up to this point.

If and when this divorce goes through, it will be the second time Omar has divorced Hirsi, but only the first legal divorce for the couple. They were first married “in the faith” 2002, then divorced (religiously) in 2008.

Omar then remarried, to a man who some allege is her brother.

After divorcing her second husband, Hirsi and Omar reconciled, but they have reportedly been separated since March of this year. And now, it looks like that separation just got more permanent.

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