Omarosa worked for the Clinton Administration – she was terrible there, too

Disgraced former Trump staffer Omarosa Manigault Newman has a history of letting down presidents.

Omarosa previously served at the White House during the Clinton administration — and was fired!

Entry-Level Failure

Manigault Newman’s first White House job was not exactly glamorous.

She was hired to work on Vice President Al Gore’s staff.

While considered one of the top advisors to Trump, Manigault Newman was a lowly entry-level employee for Gore.

Her job: to reply to invitations for Vice President Gore.

Her salary was $25,000 per year — and she was an epic failure.

According to reports, upon her termination, there were roughly 13 months of unanswered letters on her desk.

Gore’s former office administrator, Margaret Overbey, even said: “She was the worst hire we have ever made.”

Loyalty Failed

It is really no secret that Trump’s first run of appointments were not exactly stellar.

Manigault Newman is a perfect example of staffers he should never have hired.

Trump was more than likely trying to reward for her work on the campaign, but she appeared to be in over her head from the very beginning.

Her initial purpose was to serve as a liaison for Trump to the African American community.

While details of her indiscretions have not been made public by the administration, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly made it very clear they were at the root of her dismissal in the “secret” tapes released by Manigault Newman.

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Trump also expressed his disappointment in Manigault Newman in a series of tweets after she made the tapes public.

Now that Manigault Newman has all but declared war on Trump, we can surely expect to have more details released about her failures in serving this administration.

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