Report: Omarosa claims she has video recordings of Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner

The drama surrounding the secret tapes of Omarosa Manigault Newman continues to surge.

Now, the disgraced former staffer for Trump claims she also recorded calls with both Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner without their knowledge.

Secret Tapes

What started out as a way to reward an ally has proven to be a complete disaster for Trump.

On the surface, Omarosa appeared to be a loyal Trump soldier.

Omarosa and Trump were linked together through his former reality show, The Apprentice.

She regularly campaigned for Trump during the presidential election and was rewarded with an adviser position on the President’s staff.

After some less than flattering reports surfaced about her conduct, Omarosa was dismissed.

One of the first tapes Omarosa released was of a recording between herself and the President, where Trump clearly sounds as though he was unaware of her firing.

Then, Omarosa released a tape of her conversation with Chief of Staff Kelly during her termination meeting.

While Omarosa claimed Kelly threatened her, the meeting sounded more like a way for her to leave the administration and save face before the reports were snatched up and made public by the media.

Now, she is claiming to have more tapes of conversations with the First Daughter and her husband.

According to Omarosa, these tapes will reveal those two also had no idea she was being let go by Kelly.

Snake in the Grass

Clearly, Omarosa has switched sides in this fight.

Rather than admit her failures and move on, she is trying to drag down everyone with her.

She is now not only trying to paint the President as someone who has no idea what is going on in his administration but also as a racist.

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All of this happens to coincide with the release of her new tell-all book.

Rather convenient, don’t you think?

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