Ilhan Omar: Trump ‘wants every black/brown person deported’

At a recent rally in North Carolina, as President Donald Trump recounted some of the anti-American and anti-Semitic things said in the past by Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), a portion of the crowd briefly chanted “send her back” to signal their displeasure with the America-hating congresswoman.

Though Trump didn’t take part in the chant and even disavowed it the next day, many Democrats and media figures still blamed him for it and accused him of harboring the same desire with regard to Omar, who also decided to weigh in on the president’s supposed embrace of allegedly racist sentiments.

Disingenuous mischaracterization

On Saturday, Omar shared a ridiculous tweet from Vice News that compiled video clips in which Trump characterized former American leaders as “stupid” and guilty of promoting policies ruinous to the nation’s prosperity and security.

The folks at Vice News thought they were making a point by contrasting Trump’s previous critiques with the “love it or leave it” mantra he offered in response to the anti-Americanism espoused by Omar and her leftist cohorts.

Omar decided to take things a step further than merely pointing out what some might view as hypocrisy — others might observe the nuanced distinction between criticizing past leaders versus denigrating the country as a whole — and chose to smear the president as being some kind of of genocidal bigot, Islamophobe, and xenophobe who seeks to clear the entire nation of anyone not a naturally-born white person.

Outlandish attack

Omar’s tweet contained some rather astounding claims about the president’s position on minorities and immigrants.

She all but claimed that Trump is implementing a sort of diabolical master plan to engineer the racial and ethnic makeup of the American citizenry.

How wrong is Omar? Let us count the ways

However, Omar is entirely wrong in her accusatory assumption, as Trump has said nothing even remotely suggesting that he wants to deport all black and brown people, nor do any of his policies evidence such an objective.

First of all, there is not now, nor has there ever been, a “Muslim ban” under the Trump administration. Trump placed immigration and travel restrictions on seven particularly dangerous and countries — two of which aren’t even slightly Islamic — while placing no restrictions whatsoever on the other 50-odd Muslim-majority nations around the globe.

As for black and brown people — or any other color, for that matter — Trump has not even come close to recommending that all should be rounded up and deported. Furthermore, it has yet to be explained how Trump could deport naturally-born American citizens, regardless of their race or ancestral country of origin, or his alleged disdain for them.

Finally, with regard to Trump’s immigration policies, those are little more than an effort to enforce the immigration laws already on the books in such a way that welcomes legal migrants who want to assimilate and become American while keeping out illegal aliens that want to exploit our nation’s generosity or pose a criminal threat to the those who already reside here.

As a lawmaker, Omar should know that, and if she truly believes that the laws the Trump administration is enforcing are so unconscionable, then she needs to focus on getting them changed legislatively instead of irresponsibly leveling baseless claims against a president she despises.

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