Rep. Ilhan Omar to speak alongside man who posted anti-Semitic messages on social media

Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar is fighting off accusations of anti-Semitism — and it looks those allegations won’t stop any time soon.

It’s been announced that the freshman representative is making an appearance at a fundraiser alongside Yousef Abdallah, a senior charity official who came under widespread scrutiny in 2017 when his social media profiles were filled with anti-Semitic comments.

Ant-Semitic Comments

Omar doesn’t have a great reputation as a lawmaker already. When state legislators voted for a bill to deny insurance claims by family members of jihadists who had died carrying out attacks, Omar was one of two local representatives who voted against the legislation.

Omar was also recently in the news for her history of asking for leniency in the sentencing of several young men in her home state who joined the Islamic State.

Most recently, Omar used offensive stereotypes about Jews to criticize her colleagues in Congress that support Israel. And while she claimed to have learned from her offensive words last week, that does not seem to the case.

Some Jewish leaders have already come forward to say that she seemed annoyed by the process of speaking to the Jewish community after her anti-Israel tweets last week. Meanwhile, her supporters wrote her comments off as newbie mistakes.

But after all this, she will have a hard time justifying taking the dais with a man the likes of Abdallah.

Bad Choice of Friends

Even Omar’s most adamant supporters can’t deny that Abdallah is no friend to Israel — and appearing alongside him doesn’t help her case that she doesn’t have a prejudice against people of Jewish faith.

Abdallah currently serves as the operations manager for Islamic Relief USA, and he has a history of making anti-Israel statements.

He was criticized years ago for sharing a Palestinian folk story that promoted violence against Jews. Portions of the tale included missions to “kill more than 20 Jews” and “fire rockets at Tel Aviv.”

In other posts, Abdullah makes disparaging comments about Jews as a people. Is that really who we want hanging around our top lawmakers?

It’s clear that Omar doesn’t have America, its allies, or its citizens at the top of her priority list. She has no place in our legislature.

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