Rep. Omar issues hateful response after Trump calls for her resignation

Freshman Rep. Ilhan Omar’s (D-MN) most recent anti-Semitic comments were criticized by both Republicans and Democrats and prompted President Donald Trump to call for her resignation from Congress.

Omar refused to resign and fired back at the president the next day, aggressively accusing Trump of having “trafficked in hate” his entire life. But as more of her troubling past comes to light, particularly her attempt to legally funnel money to families of terrorists in 2017, it’s becoming clear that Trump is right. 

Trump calls on Omar to resign

After Democratic party leaders condemned her tweets, Omar issued an “apology” — and took another shot at the pro-Israel group AIPAC — that came off as insufficient to many, including Trump.

The next day, during a Cabinet meeting at the White House, Trump called on Omar to resign from Congress — or at least the influential House Foreign Affairs Committee she serves on — for her “terrible” comments.

“What she said was so deep-seated in her heart, that her lame apology — that’s what it was,” Trump added. “It was lame, and she didn’t mean a word of it — was just not appropriate. I think she should resign from Congress, frankly, but at a minimum she shouldn’t be on committees, certainly that committee.”

Omar hits back

In response to Trump’s rebuke, the Somali-American congresswoman tweeted on Feb. 13, “Hi @realDonaldTrump- You have trafficked in hate your whole life—against Jews, Muslims, Indigenous, immigrants, black people and more. I learned from people impacted by my words. When will you?”

Omar’s reply shows that she has no intention of resigning, as she instead shifted the focus from her own hateful commentary toward President Trump. Yet she most certainly should resign from Congress, and not just for her most recent anti-Semitic tweets. Omar is also an open supporter of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement against Israel, America’s strongest ally in the Middle East.

Calls for leniency

And beyond her disturbing hostility towards Israel, Omar is on record more than once for offering sympathetic support to anti-American terrorists and their families.

Islamic radicalization is an issue that hits close to home for the Minnesota Democrat. The Minneapolis Somali-American community, the largest in the U.S., has lost more defectors to international terror groups like ISIS than any other locality in the U.S., a troubling trend that some blame on a failure to sufficiently integrate.

In 2017, when Omar was still a member of the Minnesota state House, she was one of only two members that voted against a bill that would allow insurance companies the right to deny payouts to the families of those who died while committing acts of terrorism.

That shocking vote, which would have forced insurance companies to pay benefits to the families of dead terrorists, came just weeks after she had pleaded with a judge to show leniency toward nine Somali-American men who were caught trying to join the Islamic State terrorist organization.

It has become painfully obvious that Omar should indeed resign from Congress, as there is no place there for those who espouse anti-Semitic views, attempt to undermine our allies, and support anti-American terrorists.

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