Ilhan Omar: There’s no such thing as an ‘illegal alien’

Ilhan Omar claimed on Tuesday that there is no such thing as an “illegal alien.”

The Minnesota Democrat criticized President Donald Trump on Twitter for using the “dehumanizing” term to refer to the tidal wave of unlawful migrants breaking into the United States. But in contrast to actual U.S. citizens, “illegal alien” is a customary and factually accurate term.

Omar lectures America

Omar’s unsolicited vocabulary lesson came in response to President Trump announcing that next week, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) will begin “removing the millions of illegal aliens who have illicitly” entered the country.

Omar responded with the usual platitudes: nobody is an illegal immigrant and, oh, haven’t you heard, stopping illegal immigration is actually bad for the country?

“Dehumanizing immigrants and tearing apart families will not make us any stronger,” Omar said. “It will only destroy lives, traumatize children, and make our country less safe.”

After getting ratio’d to oblivion, Omar doubled down in a follow-up tweet, adding “illegals” and “animals” to her list of forbidden adjectives. The “animals” reference seemed to allude to the false claim, circulated by the media, that Trump referred to immigrants as “animals” — in fact, he used the term to refer to MS-13.

“To the trolls,” she wrote without a hint of irony, “Trump uses dehumanizing language like ‘aliens,’ ‘illegals,’ or even ‘animals’ to justify horrific human rights abuses against migrants. The DOJ now mandates that public officials only use the term ‘illegal aliens.’ This is straight out of the demagogue’s playbook.”

This is no surprise coming from one of the most shameless open borders advocates in Congress. What does Omar really mean when she says nobody is illegal?

It means that, in Omar’s world, there’s no such thing as American citizenship. There are no distinctions between legal and illegal U.S. residents. It means what she’s not even trying to hide: Omar, and Democrats like her, want open borders.

Lions and tigers and…Nazis?

Omar has called for the complete abolition of immigration enforcement — detention, deportation, you name it. Earlier this month, Omar said it was “un-American” for ICE to detain illegal immigrants “for wanting to come to this country for a better life. This is why ICE [has] to be defunded,” she tweeted.

Of course, Democrats have been using euphemisms like “undocumented” for years to refer to illegal migrants. But Omar, like she often does, takes it to a new level. We’re past “undocumented” now. As far as the progressives like Omar are concerned, illegal immigrants aren’t just legal, they’re patriots — maybe even morally superior to American citizens.

Omar’s absurd tweet came as one of her closest allies in Congress, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), made the histrionic, completely off-base claim that the Trump administration is building “concentration camps” at the border. On Thursday, Omar retweeted a clip of a CNN talking-head warning that Trump will construct death camps soon, just like the Nazis.

She also retweeted Ocasio-Cortez saying that the concentration camp terminology “fit squarely in an academic consensus and definition.”

It’s good to have Democrats in Congress who are honest enough to say what the rest of them won’t. Nancy Pelosi at least has the tact to deny supporting open borders — but Omar? Not so much.

Omar may be a terrible representative for the country, but she’s a great advocate for immigration enforcement.

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